Test Yourself

Do you have effective project management?
Please answer the questions below, then Fill out your details in the form
and then you will be able to see the results of the questionnaire.

1. Do your projects meet their dead lines?
More than 50% of them
More than 80% of the projects

2. Do you have a standard for new project kick off?
We have kick off meeting with standard template
We have project initiation procedure

3. Do you manage your project risks?
We have a risk review at the beginning of the project
We monitor risks at least once a month

4. Do you have work plans for your projects?
Just high level
We have detailed work plan including resources at the
      beginning of the project

We have detailed work plan including resources and we
      update them once a week

5. Do you have standard PLC (Project Life Cycle)?
We have a definition of PLC, but most of the project managers
     are not working according it

Most of the projects are running according the firmís PLC,
       including Rally Points/Gates

6. When is the last time that the company made a major improvement in the project management methodology?
We donít have companyís project management methodology
More than a year ago
During last year

7. When is the last time that you had project management
    training in the company?
Not in the last year
During last year
We have a project management forum with ongoing training

8. Do you have KPI (Key Performance Indicators) system?
We have KPIís but we donít measure them consistently
We have managerial dashboard that is updated at least
      every month

9. Do you have written procedures how to run the project?
We have general procedures and templates
We have detailed procedures

10. Do you use project management tool?
Just excel or MS project stand alone
We use project management tool like MS Project SERVER for
      project planning

We have a tool for planning and project portfolio management

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